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by Enki
Wed Nov 02, 2005 9:13 am
Forum: FSM Gatherings
Topic: How 'bout us Texan Pastafarians?
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I might be able to make it, and I think I've converted my wife too. Spaghetti Warehouse is pretty good but downtown Austin, especially that area, is a royal pain in the ass. Romeo's is pretty good and inexpensive, on Barton Creek, but parking is a pain on weekends too. There's a Macaroni Grill off r...
by Enki
Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:23 pm
Forum: Scripture and Lore
Topic: How can one be aware
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I believe that one is shown to be a Prophet through his/her accomplishments in spreading the Tasty Truth. We can all dream, but we must make others dream to make it reality.
by Enki
Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:21 pm
Forum: Scripture and Lore
Topic: The Anti-Noodle
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Since string theory proves His Noodliness is everything, there is nothing that can be Anti-pasta. Only pretenders who are nothing more than pawns under his noodly appendage. Ramen!
by Enki
Thu Oct 27, 2005 6:58 pm
Forum: The Cause
Topic: How Many Have You Converted?
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I've also converted at least two, and this is my first blessed day as a servant of the Noodly One!

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