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by McVenWed
Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:21 am
Forum: All Things FSM
Topic: Traditional Pastafarian Wedding
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Re: Traditional Pastafarian Wedding

I was just wondering what a traditional Pastfarian wedding would be like? Any thoughts? I need to start planning my wedding hehe :fsm_rock: I don’t have the idea of a Traditional Pastafarian Wedding but I am interested to know what it is. I hope someone can also help how it is done so if ever I can...
by McVenWed
Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:16 am
Forum: Pirate Discussion
Topic: Pirate-y Wedding Vows
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Re: Pirate-y Wedding Vows

This Pirate-y Wedding Vows is a new theme for a wedding but I think it is cool. Can someone help me how to have that theme in my soon to be wedding I hope my fiancée will agree. I hope that our parent may agree too it is a new experience to them too.

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