Has venganza fallen out with the German branch of the Church? Updated

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Re: Has venganza fallen out with the German branch of the Church? Updated

Postby Cardinal Fang » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:07 am

The Open Letter, which is accepted to be the medium by which Flying Spaghetti Monsterism was revealed to the world, was written in 2005.

Perhaps they might be reminded of 2 things: firstly that one of the core tenets of Pastafarianism is loose moral standards, which means things aren't really "acceptable" or "unacceptable". There's also the the 2nd IRRYD, which says "2. I'd Really Rather You Didn't Use My Existence As A Means To Oppress, Subjugate, Punish, Eviscerate, And/Or, You Know, Be Mean To Others. I Don't Require Sacrifices, And Purity Is For Drinking Water, Not People". All this means not persecuting or being mean to people who choose to wear a colander - or indeed those who don't.

I'll be honest, being someone who's been knocking around the faith for a while, I still favour a pirate hat rather than a colander. But it's each person's choice what they wear - or even if they choose not to wear any headgear at all.

(Oh and there's also the 3rd IRRYD that says "3. I'd Really Rather You Didn't Judge People For The Way They Look, Or How They Dress, Or The Way They Talk, Or, Well, Just Play Nice, Okay?" So again - not fussy about headwear)

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