Site Running Slow.. my or his noodley doing?

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Site Running Slow.. my or his noodley doing?

Postby remezcle » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:30 pm

Oh praise be in the highest to the delicious flying spagetti monster. My cup run over with the sauce of thanks for how he has blessed my life.

The FSM spoke to me through his glorious creation of the x-files. In tribute to his starchy goodness, for his creation of the x-files, I made an image in his likeness. To show my thanks I wrapped his likeness in a picture from the x-files.

This must have pleased our spagetti lord by blessing this picture on digg. So far it has received over 880 diggs. Praise be to Flying Spaghetti Monster!

It seems as if we are in the middle of an FSM revival! The cold hearts of diggers have been warmed by the image of the noodley one! It is of my opinion that the diggers have flooded venganza and the forums causing server issues! Can venganza back this u?

Digg in his glory!
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