Hate mails

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Hate mails

Postby Hogarth » Mon May 08, 2006 9:45 am

A friend of mine sent me the link to your site and I am very impressed by your work. I have also read a lot of the hate mails people have sent to you. I couldn't help but be revolted, but not surprized by the hypocrasy from self-righteous people who show their true colors when speaking of your murder, suicide, the death of your children and other hateful matters.

Ahhhh the irony. Perhaps it's a concept they don't grasp, such as your belief itself. Not only the hypocrasy, but the Anti-American attitude that anyone who is not (at least pretending) to be a follower of THEIR religion is doomed, etc. etc. Maybe many people do not understand that The United States of America was founded on the principal of freedom of many things, including worship, as documented in the Third Amendment to The Constitution. And the same people accuse YOU of being self-important.

I guess that people never change and the story hasn't changed through the ages. Still today people are killed, as they have been through history by various religions because, as George Carlin puts it, they have a different invisible man in the sky than others have. Let's hope that the true spirit of the US Constitution and the loving, accepting values of the various religions of the world someday prevail.

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Postby Poincare's Stepchild » Mon May 08, 2006 11:31 am


Let me welcome you to the ranks of Pastafarians. There is another thread on hate mail, so don't be surprised if the mods move this. They keep a fairly tight rein on the forum...which keeps things orderly and civil.

Again, welcome and enjoy. This place can be a lot of fun.

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