Christians agree that He does exist!

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Christians agree that He does exist!

Postby qbf8 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:32 am

Well at least one does... about 90% down the page of hatemail (which i found most amusing) i found one guy who agrees that there really is a FSM...

"You're a psycho. I hope the spaghetti monster chokes on its tentacles and
dies. You are crazy if you think a piece of food created you. Dude, get a
life. Go to church and find out who really created you...GOD! Once
again...YOU ARE PSYCHO!"

See at least one Christian/Catholic/anyone else that believes in that garbage admits there is a FSM, even if he does want him to choke to death =\

Additionally i find it funny that when signing up for phpBB's when you have to enter the security number thing-a-ma-jig (the grey square with often hard to read numbers/letters on it) that it says:

"If you are visually impaired or cannot otherwise read this code please contact the Administrator for help."

If they really are visually impared or unable to read it then how would they read the above quote? Which is always in fine print underneath the picture...

Oh and fantastic work on that open letter, I cannot stand it when religious beliefs are pushed into the public domain. Here in Australia theres a debate on whether abortion should be illegal simply because our health minister is a christian and says that life is created at conception and thus according to his beliefs abortion = murder... i say what happens when a woman is raped and wants to shed the child? Too many conservative types getting into power in the western world these days....

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Postby beagle » Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:09 am

Hi qbf8, and welcome to the site. You might like to take a moment to introduce yourself through the link here.
We have at least a couple of Aussie regulars, and it's great to see another.

Just one small point. It is not the policy here to be hostile to religion in general. After all, we are one :wink: .
Consequently when using terms like "garbage" it's best to word posts in such a way that it's absolutely clear that you are attacking fundamentalist thought, not the deeply held beliefs of the religious mainstream.

Sorry to go all heavy on you on your first post, and it's understandable that emotive language seems appropriate as a response to the hate mail, but, aided by His Noodleyness, we aim to occupy a higher spiritual plane than those who would attack us (then swoop down out of the sun :D ).

Incidentally, on the security number thing, many vision impaired people have translation to braille or audio devices that can interpret text fields of any font size, but not images, so it's not quite as mad as it seems.

Hope you have a lot of fun here :)

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