Fellowship of Pastafarian Scholars

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Fellowship of Pastafarian Scholars

Postby Pirate Priest » Tue Nov 07, 2006 11:37 pm

At my school today, a brave Pastafarian stood up for our beliefs. He was sporting his bandana and making an effort to fight global warming by wearing this pirate regailia. Teachers all day had asked him to remove it and he responded, "No, I can't, it is my religion." He made it through the first couple classes, but then a teacher, who obviously is prejudice towards Pastafarians, commanded he take it off and when he did not, she sent him to OCR. Upon arriving in OCR he was commanded to remove his bandana. Again he refused and said "I can't, it is part of my religion, would you make a Jew remove is yamaca?" OCR then asked him to go speak with the Principal and the Assistant Principal in charge of extracurricular activities. He boldy explained to them the fundamentals of Pastafarianism. He told them they should call myself up to the office if they needed further explanation because I am sort of the leading authority on Pastafarianism at the school. We have at least 20 Pastafarians at my school. They did not, however, call me up. Anyways, they looked at the website. And realized he was not lying. Then the Principal had the nerve to chuckle at him when he spoke of his religion. He responded in a sad tone, "You know, you're laughing, this is exactly the oppression that I face in this school." He then told them about our club we have been trying to start for a few months. They approved. So now we are establishing our club, Fellowship Of Pastafarian Scholars (FPS).

But anyways, one of the things our club wants to do is to have me officially ordained as a minister. I have found out how to become legally certified as a minister under any faith I choose. Now, upon obtaining this license I need to provide a title. And that is what I am here to ask about. What should my title be? A title is like Reverand our Priest or something like that. For example Ordained Pastafarian Minister or Pastafarian Priest or even Pastafarian Shaman. It can be anything, it doesn't need to include any current religious titles.

As an ordained Pastafarian Minister, I will have the ability to legally wed people under the Pastafarian faith. I can even illegally wed same-sex couples. I can also (with the help of the service that is getting me a ministers license) get a charter for a church, but I don't think I am up for going that far, at least not at this present time. But anyways, being a legal Pastafarian minister would help me establish a better legitamate image for Pastafarianism in my school and my community. So I am asking for all of your opinions on what a good title would be.

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Postby hetzle » Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:04 am

Pastafarian Pastor?
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Postby dabeast » Fri Nov 17, 2006 9:17 pm

Exellent job on that one! Hmmm Pastamancer sound good to you? It literally means "One who speaks with pasta" or "One who speaks with the pasta" (Therefore necromancer means "One who speaks with dead")

Or perhaps just a simple Pasta Priest.
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Postby JustGuess » Mon Nov 20, 2006 2:35 am

While it is probably too late to reply, I would say respect your pirat heritage and go with something like Captain or Buccaneer. :fsm_yarr:

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