His Noodleness and Racquetball

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His Noodleness and Racquetball

Postby flyboy2160 » Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:21 am

Surely, with the strings created in His likeness, He must be a fan.

But there is more recent evidence: Last week, immdiately after I first mentioned His Noodleness to my racquetball partners (who almost always beat me in the 3 way game called cut throat), I trounced them convincingly. They acknowledged that He must be with my racquet.

This week, they were already playing a game of singles when I joined them, carrying one of The Holy Books, Strega Nona. The player who was down 4 to 7 at the time stopped and paid homage to the Holy Book. He then went on a run of 11 straight points to win 15 to 7. He was unbeatable the rest of the games. He swears His Noodleness was in his racquet strings.

The player who lost the 15 to 7 game, seeing His Power, tried to gain favor by kissing the Holy Book two times. Alas, he didn't know that Strega Nona requires 3 kisses, not 2. We began calling him the Infidel; he was low man in all the remaining games this week.

Surely this shows that He can invest His power in racquetball strings.

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