A letter from John of Westport to the ATF

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A letter from John of Westport to the ATF

Postby JohnOfWestport » Mon Mar 27, 2006 2:42 pm

First Letter

John of Westport, notified through a personal ad in the New York Post that he was being called upon to be a humble messenger, and Ralph the Chiropractor and his friend Walt the Brewer, call unto you:

The four basic questions that burden the home brewer, having been debated for all time, are hereby answered.

Is homebrewing legal? Yes, grace be upon us, homebrewing is legal. A federal law passed in 1978 allows any believer to make 100 gallons of home brew per year. In a household of two or more adults, the limit raises to 200 gallons, or the equivalent of 80 cases of beer.

Is homebrewing expensive? No, you can brew your own beer for far less per bottle than the cost of major brands. Once past the initial investment, all you need to procure is the ingredients, and the Almighty One takes care of the rest.

Is it difficult? Life is difficult. Homebrewing is simple. If you can boil water, you're on your way!

Is it any good? By the grace of the Almighty One, yes. A good homebrew rivals the world's finest beers.

Let us therefore brew, and partake in the glory given to us by that 1978 federal law allowing us to brew at home.
John of Westport
Humble Servant

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