Cosmopastical question

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Green or bleu/blue cheese?

Postby Noodlyoodly » Mon Aug 29, 2005 5:16 pm

I was under the impression that it was made of green cheese..but maybe the person who decided this was a bit happy after having had a bit too much beer or chianti..and the cheese was actually bleu/blue! :P
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Re: Cosmopastical question

Postby Cardinal_Alfredo » Mon Aug 29, 2005 10:42 pm

credo_ergo_sum wrote:Is it true that the Moon if made of Parmeggiano, and not of Cheddar or Gruyère as heathens say ?
Also, how was the Moon formed ? When ?

Well, there's actually no clear scriptural answer to this, but there *are* several clues.

First, in the Second Book of Capellini, 13:37, we find:

"And they shall be like unto Him, Blessed by his Sauce, clothed in Righteousness, with garlic, and were the Moon sprinkled over them, they could not yet be more delicious."

which leads us to believe that the Moon may indeed be Parmeggiano, or at least some other cheese which it would make sense to sprinkle over spaghetti.

However, scripture also warns us to be cautious. Prego's Rebuke to the French Chefs (Midgits 4:51 - 4:75), contains the following lines:

"Oh, hypocrites who strut thy Pirate Regalia in the streets, yet have not in your hearts one half-teaspoon of oregano! Hast thou boiled the world? Canst thou say when it is al dente, and not yet soggy? Hast thou taken the span of the Moon, and divined its flavor and sharpness? How canst thou then persume to speak for His Divine Will?"

This suggests that man was not meant to know all things, and only He who has created all things and is their Lord and Master can truly know their nature. He moves in mysterious ways, and it is not for common mortals to know his design, but simply to be obedient to his will, and to that of his priesthood, and to give us money.

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