Scientific support of FSM

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Scientific support of FSM

Postby Sleestax » Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:35 pm

When asked about FSM and what proof I have that our god is the true god, I sometimes will explain things to the unbeliever by showing how science has only confirmed the existance of our starchy creator.

For example, physics has shown that our universe is most likely bowl shaped, much like the sacred spaghetti bowl of the FSM. Also, science has shown the omniprescence of our creator throughout the universe. Though they foolishly decided to call their idea "String Theory" rather than "Noodle Theory". Either way, science has confirmed what we all know to be true. That his noodly appendages permeate our universe and bind natural/classical and quantum realities together.

Therefore, there should be no more doubt about teaching FSM ID in science classes.


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Postby Cerberus » Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:44 pm

WELCOME o' believer! FSM in its glory has been revealed to you. Look now at your life and the lives of others to see His noodle shaping us. In writing, in music, in nature. His olive oiled Noodleyness can felt in everything. Know now when you smell a quick waft of pesto pass you by on the tails of breeze, that FSM the Glorious will soon be shaping our children's mind in classrooms in the states.

And if the Government of NSW (Aus) has its way, FSM will make a glorious appearance in our schools as well, alongside the Flaming Rice Ball, SPAM, and the Invisible - said to be pink but obviously its green - Unicorn.

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