The Pasta Trinity

Submit your scriptural writings for inclusion in the Loose Canon, and your tales of ancient FSM Lore, as well as any other FSM-related writing you may have.

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Postby rickyroma » Thu Sep 15, 2005 1:56 am

I have to say what you said makes perfect sense Qwertyuiopasd. It is clearly written, logical and easy to follow. Therefore it must be rejected as incompatible with our theistic beliefs.

Meanwhile Cerberus post sounds like a lot of vague and incomprehensible theistic wafffle and as such we must endorse his views unquestioningly.
I have faith in the evidence.

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Postby Qwertyuiopasd » Thu Sep 15, 2005 7:32 pm

okay, rephrase my post.

Can i eat Pizza like i would eat Pasta?
(of course eating pasta on fridays, but pizza more often)

me likes pizza.
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