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Postby Rift » Sat Sep 10, 2005 9:24 am

The Experience:

As a student, I eat Spaghetti quite frequently. However, just this evening my life changed forever. After consuming my dinner of Spaghetti and meatballs, I became inexplicable 'intoxicated'. I began to feel light headed and dizzy, but there was a feeling of calmness and 'knowingness'.
As the experience became more intense and overwhelming, my stomache expelled its contents. I projectile vomited and passed into a 'dream state'. In fact, I would say a 'Devine state'.

In this dream state, the 'Midget', dressed in complete pirate regalia communicated with me. I cannot recall the exact proceedings, but upon awakening a sense of purpose had come over me.

But the strangest and most profound part is yet to come...

Upon awakening from my meeting with The Midget and proceeding to clean up my mess, I had a second vision. This time far more tangible than a dream. Both equally significant, and both lending credibility to the other. My dinner had formed a vision of the great Flying Spaghetti Monster Himself. In fact, it was stuck to a wall...


1) Inexplicable intoxication after eating Pasta.

2) Devine vision of his creation, The Midget

3) A tangible image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on my wall, 'flying' above the ground, if you will.

It is then that I resolved to eat nothing else, except that sacred Pasta (for the Pasta is his body, and the sauce, his blood. Ramen) and to dress exclusively in the traditional Piratical Garments.

My life now has meaning, and I shall begin to spread His word. I am from Australia , and I know no-one else who has knowledge of the great FSM. Thus, I pledge my services as a Disciple to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Make Pasta, not War

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