FSM Holiday Crafts

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FSM Holiday Crafts

Postby NeferKa » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:00 pm

I've seen the hook rugs and the jewelry, but what are you making to brighten up the Holiday season? I saw that everyone is encouraged to send in their Holiday tree photos, so I am sharing my FSM ornaments with everyone to help.

These are all the ornaments. My husband even made two of them.

Here's one with beads.

Here's another with bells.

I modified the jewelry tutorial to make ornaments.

These are the ingredients:
20 gauge galvanized wire
2 large beads or 2 jingle bells
2 smaller white beads
Wire cutter
Ornament hook
Fat pencil (a big dowel or marker will work too)
Sharpie marker

I just used things I found in my house, so I'm sure you can substitute any of the materials for stuff you have in your house.

I cut a long piece of wire (about 5 feet). I made sure there was about 5 inches of straight wire at the end, and then I wrapped it around a fat pencil. About 1/3 of the way though, I added a bead/bell, and I twisted it into place. I wound the wire around the pencil until only about 1/3 remained, and I attached the other bead/bell. I wrapped the remaining wire leading another 5 inches on the opposite end. I took the wire off and stretched it out, and then I mushed it all back together making sure that my two straight ends were pointing upward. I added a bead on each end, and twisted them into place. Then, I drew on the pupils, and then I attached the ornament hook(s).

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