Priestly Parade Garb

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Priestly Parade Garb

Postby neclark » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:33 am

I had the honor of attending the 31st Occasional Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade on 1-20-08 as a recent- and passionate adherent to the newest One True Faith... and dressed thusly;

Image (crap - what did I do wrong with attaching the image?)

I'd fashioned this most unworthy likeness of our most worthy Lord from fluffy pasta-colored pipe-cleaners, a half a styro-foam ball, two plush pom-poms, and a pair of googley eyes, and affixed it atop a White Man's Rasta Beanie (complete with faux locks) - thus creating...

...wait for it... ...a Double-PastaFarian!

Handed out a few pamphlets, had a few good discussions - and needed to explain to several children that it WASN'T a `spider on my head...'

Oh, yes...

...about the doctrine that it is blasphemy to proselytize[*] FSM-ism unless one is dressed as a Pirate... ...I took off the eye-patch for the photo...yeah...THAT's it...

[*Damn, that's tricky to spell]
Neil "Two-Dogs" Clark

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Postby Capn Tayth » Fri May 30, 2008 3:19 pm

That's one sweet hat. Want one now!

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