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Postby Occam » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:46 am

ken worley wrote:Italy is coming.....

French food is good for awhile....But too rich and sauce-ful for extended enjoyment, IMO...

But my thread below on giant ravioli....

lasagne....cappacola and salami subs, w provolone cheese....Italian roast beef with portabella mushrooms.....

*begins to drool.

You aren't wrong. I'm looking forwards to Italy but I don't think I will get out of France alive. My Chicken Normandy? Despite being served with steamed vegatables it still has 60g of fat in one plate*. I'm going to be the first person who bough an exercise bike and gained fifty pounds while using it.

*Tasted heavenly. The Chestnut mushrooms and Creme Fraiche sauce ... uuggggrrrhhhhh.
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