Rated "R" or not?

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Re: Rated "R" or not?

Postby MeatballEucharist » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:17 pm

GreenRain22 wrote:>.> I don't mind PG-13 ratings. Reason being is so that I can get into the movie theaters whenever my mom dosen't have time to watch it with me.

However, I DO mind whenever they cut out ANYTHING bad out of the movie to shorten it to PG-13. That sucks.

Ratings totally are connected with religion; I figured that out without watching the movie. (But the Not Yet Rated thing sounds interesting). In my eyes, a PG-13 Die Hard is good news for me: I can get in the theaters. But if they cut out any of the great cussing and violence, fooey on them.

Yeah the movie points out a lot of good stuff. A must see for all movie lovers.

Movie's that cut down to pg-13 suck balls but it's the best and widest group to market too. It's all about the money. a safe movie is more likely to return then a racy or a serious topic arthouse movie.
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