A happy Holliday fer ARGH, an to all a good YARGH!

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A happy Holliday fer ARGH, an to all a good YARGH!

Postby Pirate Johnson » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:31 pm

Pirate Johnson wrote:Every good Pastaferian knows that on Dec. 20th, jolly ol' Saint Whitebeard will come flying in on his golden jetski and slide down their mast. Good pirates will get toys and grog, and lousy ones will get barnicals scraped off of his jetski. With the twist of his hook, Whitebeard will be back on his jetski being pulled by nine little whales (Adolph the narwhale in lead ofcorse, to cut the dense fog with his horn). As he rides through the clouds, a loud exclamation could be heard by all, "A happy Holliday fer ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH, an to all a good YARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!'
Do I score double for Yargh & argh?

St. Whitebeard (Sandy Claws, Christopher Kringull) carries the grog & toys in his spleen...

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