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Postby mepper » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:02 pm

i saw flesh gordon 1 at the midnight movie..they had cut out the naughty bits to make it an there was some funky splicing

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Postby boghog » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:56 pm

dukes wrote:I must agree with Cap on this one - it is highly dependent on the time and contemporaneous social atmosphere. To a modern audience Birth of a Nation is not a big deal - but put into a Jim Crow context it was huge.

I watched Birth of a Nation in my film history class in school (as the first feature-length movie ever, it is quite historically significant in that respect alone); I'd say that even (or especially) from a modern point of view it is a very disturbing film, especially when the impact it had is considered.

Birth of a Nation and the world's first live TV broadcast (Hitler's speech at the 1936 Olympic Games) are two events that for me are the definition of bittersweet: it seemed a shame that these major technical acheivments were introduced to the world in such an awful way.
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Postby Swatopluk » Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:38 am

If one reads the user comments on imdb on Birth of a Nation, one has to realize that the mindset has not yet died out. Some praise Griffin (not the seldomly used one) for truthfully depicting the true saviours of the South, the KKK Image
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