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Re: Cool stuff found on the Interwebs

Postby Cardinal Fang » Tue May 12, 2015 6:32 pm

Cardinal Fang wrote:
bonsaiherb wrote: 7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief
It's not hard to bring a little more equality into each others' lives
by Shannan Stoll

When so much is printed about what is wrong in this world, it was a delight and true eye-opener to see so many angels out there. Thank you Shannan for this wonderful eye opener. The on-line yesmagazine is AWESOME! Please check it out.


Thanks for sharing the article.

Interesting addition to one of them - in 2005, the state of Utah started a strategy called Housing First, which basically involved just giving the homeless homes. As it turned out, the program saved Utah a boat load of cash - supporting the homeless costs a lot: the cost of shelters,ER visits, ambulances, police etc all add up. Utah’s Homeless Task Force estimated that the average chronically homeless person, when handled the traditional way (into shelters, then halfway houses etc) cost Salt Lake City more than $20, 000 per year. Putting them in permanent housing costs Utah just $8,000 a year, including the cost of the case managers help those homeless people get used to their new state. A study in Colorado estimated that the average homeless person cost the state $43,000 a year, whilst housing that person would cost just $17,000.
(New Yorker article)


Follow up - the scheme is in use in a number of places now. Not only saving thosands of dollars, but being far more successful in keeping people off the streets (about 85%), and helping them with the problems that often put them on the streets in the first place (e.g. drugs, alcohol, mental health issues).


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