Oral Roberts and the Praying Hands

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Oral Roberts and the Praying Hands

Postby Bob the Unbeliever » Wed May 03, 2006 2:33 am

Here in Tulsa, OK, Oral Roberts is something of a legend (and an embarassment).

At one time, he tried to build a 70-story building he called his "City of Faith".

Apparently, Oral did not have quite enough faith, and he had to sell the building to pay his debts .... but that is another story.

In front of the building, there was a HUGE bronze statue of two hands, in the classical "praying hands" pose.

As these were modeled after Oral's own hands (he is SO humble) a great Hew and Cry went up to try to preserve the statue - they must be moved over onto the University Campus. Spare no expense! Nevermind the starving in Africa, Send In The Money to Preserve The Praying Hands.

And, the Faithful, did - money came in in buckets (well, in little envelopes and in big envlopes, but pour in it did).

Now, mind, these hands are HUGE. They stand 20 feet if they're an inch, and it took millions to move them over to the University campus.

All was well, once they were in place - but nearly all the money had been spent, and a problem developed with the foundation. The hands had shifted, and now, they were too far apart to appear to be praying.

What to do? Nearly all the money had been spent moving them, but the cry went out to the faithful again.

There were many bids to "fix" the problem, the least costing millions.

All except for a single old wizened handyman: he bid but a mere $320, and garunteed his work.

The commettee asked, "why not? It's barely any money - less than what we spend on cleaning Oral's special polkadot underwear" And, the wise old handyman was hired.

All gathered about to watch how he was going to fix the problem.

He spent $50 renting a truck with a "cherry picker" lift basket. He put all but $20 in his wallet. The $20 he held in his hand, as he mounted the cherry picker's basket.

He carefully worked the controls, so the basket was poised over the two hands - which were still too far apart.

He then took the $20 and holding it by the upper corner, carefully leaned out of the basket, and put the $20 between the hands ....

*SLAM* the hands closed shut on that $20 bill.

Problem solved!


For you trivia buffs, the statue of the Hands are real, and they really did spend millions moving the stupid thing over to the campus ...

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Postby Moonman » Tue May 09, 2006 10:31 pm

My old buddy from Norman, Oklahoma swore he had a brother named Anal... LOL
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Postby lordpunkmonk » Sun May 18, 2008 6:30 pm

I agree
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