2 Wishes

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2 Wishes

Postby Bob the Unbeliever » Sun May 28, 2006 7:02 pm

A fellow was walking in a forest, when he espied a wee little man asleep on a rock.

The wee man was all dressed in green, head-to-toe, but was hardly 12" high.

Being of quick wit and mind, he grabbed the little fellow around the waste, which woke him up.

"I be a lepracaun, I'm thinkin' ya be guessin'"

"I thought as much. So, how does it work? If I let you go, do I get 3 wishes?"

"Naw, I'm afraid I'm only be grantin' ye 2 wishes - cutbacks an' all"

"Two wishes is not terrible, either. Alright - here you go, grant me 2 wishes."

"Just name ye wish, an' I'll be a grantin' it right away, then."

The man thought and thought. He had been walking for quite awhile, and he was rather thirsty. Being of a simple sort (but not simple-minded) he had but plain and earthly needs - nothing fancy.

So he announced his first wish: "I'll be wanting a tall mug of Guinnes"

*Poof* a tall one appeared on the rock beside the pair.

The man picked up the mug, and drained it dry. But, as he was putting it back down, it felt heavy - and indeed, it was full, again - with a nice, new frothy head. He drained it again. As he put it down, it was full.

So he drained it yet again, just to be sure. But, it refilled as he was putting it down.

He turned to the wee man in surprise, "I can't seem to drink it dry!"

"Aaaah, I tought ye'd be likin' that bit - 'tis a magical mug, will always have a fresh, frothy fill of Guinnes, no matter how many times ye drink it dry, no matter how long ye wait between draughts."

"Indeed" said the man, draining it twice more, just to be certain. "I do like this very much."

"Now, gowan, man, state yer last wish - I havn't got all day, now."

The man thought and thought mightly.

Then he announced, "I tink I'll be having another magical mug of Guinnes. Just in case."

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Postby lordpunkmonk » Sun May 18, 2008 6:34 pm

I agree
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