I need some corny jokes

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Postby d4m4$74 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:12 pm

a Brit sits in an Irish train, he takes an apple and a knife, cuts the apple in half, removes the seeds, puts them in a handkerchief, puts the handkerchief and seeds in his pocket, and throws the rest of the apple away.
An Irishman sees this and ask the Brit what he's doing, The Brit says "apple seeds have a special power, if you eat them you get smarter" The Irishman says "I'll give you 20 euros for it" "deal" the Brit says and gives him the seeds, the Irishman takes the sees, eats them and thinks for a second, then he says "ehh, now i think of it, i could have bought a whole crate of apples for that amount of money" "see, it's working!"

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