Yet Another Phtoshop Contest!

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Yet Another Phtoshop Contest!

Postby Detective TurtleHolmes » Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:58 pm

Okay, the rules of the game are simple. Get a picture from a movie or TV show, then combine it with that of another.

For an example, here's one for all you Poms.

Mine, combined with Little Britain's Daffyd (the only gay in the village):
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Postby ~NoodleDemon~ » Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:21 pm

From the previous thread...

Noodle wrote:Image

Here be my first, very badly PS'd contribution...

Cap'n Turtlehead wrote:Image
Again, couldn't get the fonts right. But you get the gist of things. And please don't point out that I have really screwed up the colour in the red box. But screw you!

Cap'n Turtlehead wrote:I can't get it to view properly, so here's the link. I couldn't get the type right, so this will have to do. ... y.bmp.html
I know, it's not a song. But I just thought it sounded funny.

pieces o'nine wrote:Image

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

Definitely a different take on the song title. I spent quite a bit getting the text to look just right. Again, I didn't have the movie's typeface (if it even has one, so I found something I liked to use instead.

Really and truly, this is the last one I will post this weekend.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

I apologize if you find this poster in poor taste, but I couldn't stop myself from making it.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

I knew I wanted to use this song title, but I had 3 movies to choose from: Mrs. Doubtfire; Tootsie; or To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. While the others could have been a bit more colorful, I knew I had to do this one as soon as I found this specific version of the poster.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

I think this one is my favorite. It has the most alterations of any of the ones I've made so far. I'm also rather proud of coming up with that song.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

Nothing special on this one. I didn't have a close enough typeface, so I chose a serif face that went well with the sans-serif and gave it about the same color, stroke, and dropshadow.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

Luckily, I had a typeface that was fairly similar to the title font. I think this thing had 4 or 5 layers by the time I was done.

Rev. Rowan Redbeard wrote:Image

Please note the addition of the Mardi Gras beads...and their shadow.
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