Washington Pastafarians: UNITE!!

Wanna get together to pillage something, or just to have a bowl of pasta? Schedule it with your fellow Pastafarians here.

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Washington Pastafarians: UNITE!!

Postby BenDover » Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:34 pm

My name is Ben Dover and I live on Whidbey Island in Washington and I propose a protest! If you live in the area please contact me! I'm hoping to find at least ten other Whidbey Island Pastafarians to help me in this protest! It wouldn't be very extreme or anything considering that most Whidbey Islanders don't care, but we could at least spread the gospel around! Whidbey Islanders are very easy to convert, especially the high schoolers. Let's do it! :fsm_rock:
Wear a pirate outfit if you can!! If we're going to spread the word we should do it by the book!
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