Holidays 2008 in Baghdad

Wanna get together to pillage something, or just to have a bowl of pasta? Schedule it with your fellow Pastafarians here.

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Holidays 2008 in Baghdad

Postby ajmsnr » Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:00 pm

Any Pastafarians station in the International Zone (IZ) over Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years who wants to gather to celebrate our creator? Reply here or PM me if you want to meet.

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Sakura Tears

Postby Fueesor440 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:30 pm

You may know by a handful the whole sack.

My name is winds, I was born in a village called cherry blossoms in the village. I have two friends bamboo horse, pony, with the wind. They are my favorite. In particular pony, I like him, he's the mysterious eyes, I do not know how many times the fascination. But he was always so depressed, very cold, very cold. However, I have always been in love with him. The wind is very optimistic about a little girl, very naive, very active. I often took her to the sea fishing, she gave me was a success, a kind of happiness. I, but by depression optimistic and a mixture. I belong to only some of the instability in style, others say, I was a mess, I was silent because I know that I was right. Therefore, the pony and others to lift the wind often, and I, high winds, only to be forgotten by others.

Cherry blossoms in the village, very popular attributes. By Shen-sheng to eight-character set. I attribute the water, the properties of the wind is the wind, while the pony is the property of the fire. Others said that the wind can be a fire-wang, the more he burned the more mad. The water will only fight the fire. Others said that the pony and the wind is born couple. Laughed with the wind, the pony that remained calm in the face. To hear the news, I am very sad. But I always love his tenacity, the pony.

I like at night, a person on the roof, watching the moon and stars and look to the micro-and dark blue sky. Cherry, in my man around, the name of a curly mission to the side of my eye, all of a sudden, the casual. Only a lonely figure, Can Hua, I landed at the foot of the. I picked up that some of the flowers, carefully looked at, or release, because it is not belong to me.

Night, and it is still mysterious.

This reminds me of him, and he's cold. I am reminded of his eyes, his handsome face, and that gave me a sense of security with a figure. I am for him, even at the expense of all. I know that he is not likely to understand me, but I hope I can understand him.

Behind all of a sudden burst of cold, very familiar. With slightly turned to see that he did not know when I am sitting on the back. I am scared, but with little joy. Looked at his face cold, lonely sad eyes, UFA, constantly fluttering in his eyes, lips and that is very charming. I was fascinated. As a result, he has been looked at. Huanhuandeqiang his eyes shifted to me.

He said that at night you like to sit on the roof?

I said yes.

He said, I like this feeling.

I said, is the sadness you feel lonely?

He nodded again look towards the sky.

Because I am a depression with a mixture of optimism, so I can understand him. Understand his feelings, very lonely indeed, the only option at night, a person sitting on the roof. I told him, as well.

Do not know why, after night, I had more than one company. Moreover, it is my favorite. Since then, he always sat behind me, my back, and he stuck. They background, and as clear. , Also seemed bright. Galaxy of the sky from time to time, I have more than one person sitting alone on the roof, over time, but also beautiful, but also white. Cherry, Piaodao our shoulders, hair, as in romance, we do not hand out its habit of bashing. We, on this one after another through the night. Wow leveling, wow gold, Cheap WoW Power Leveling Store wow power leveling, we professionally focused on providing wow powerleveling service and offers 24/7 non-stop power leveling and wow gold service. With the quickest speed and best service we will satisfy your powerleveling aspiration for your game. We only employ the most professional players and assign only those familiar with your specific class to play your characters. So your character can be leveled by our professional players who are expert in World of Warcraft,We have helped thousands of players reached their desired levels at their appointed time. In addition, we have a strong credit standing and the safety of your Wow leveling, wow gold Cheap wow power leveling Store account will be protected forever. Our motto is "Do what you wish!".传奇私服 And our high quality service, good reputation and competitive price will make you enjoy your purchase from us.

But one night, I do not see him. I was sitting alone on the roof. In the cold wind blowing, I can look into the distance with the distance, as if waiting for what - the emergence of waiting for him. An even, have been met. However, no, I have been secluded in a free night's sleep.

I remember that rainy day, I walk alone on the streets. Met him, and he continues to be as familiar, it's dark hair fluttering in and floated my heart, my eyes. He and I come face to face, came up to me next to the shoulder, rubbing shoulders with me, he stayed at the side of my eye, lonely figure, the reflected light of sorrow. Maybe he is depressed.

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