Olympia WA - FSM needs representation

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Olympia WA - FSM needs representation

Postby Panji » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:11 am

Arrrgh, Me Saucies!
Ima shamin' to b 'thout a boat! Thar be a shameless protest of da Ateeists sign in 'lympia, Washington (dat be in da sundown side not da sunup side of ta country). We, bein' Proud Pastafarians, hain't posted a sign thar to compliment His Mighty Noodlyness :fsm: , in all His Saucy Glory. Thar be a Pastafarian willin' to show r'spectful sign for His Saucy Goodliness? :fsm_yarr:

:cry: We worry that with the national press regarding the Christian outrage :roll: that Atheists have dared to doubt the Christian God, we are missing the chance to introduce The One True Church to the masses and solve all of humanity's problems. Farmers will have endless wheat, rice and barley crops to earn their way and breweries will foam over and have endless overtime to celebrate the new staples of life, and the blue collar workers will have endless employment building ships, plates, and mugs to honor The One True Master of the Universe.

Seriously, who can come up with and bring to Olympia the sign to honor our Sauced Father? The Christmas Display (or "Holiday Display", or what ever they have to call it) will only be up, presumably, through New Years, so we are hoping some artsy folks can come up with a sign to properly honor His Noodlyness and bring it to bear. The display in Washington State's Capitol (Olympia) is open to any form of worship or non-worship. Our ship is away with our artists, so we are unable to add to the display. If anyone would rather send us a display, we will pirate the appropriate coomunity transit ship to the Capitol to represent His Noodlyness.

May Sauce Be With And Upon You,
PirateSpeed to You,

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