Pirates wanted for noodly video

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Pirates wanted for noodly video

Postby fealreal » Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:06 am

Avast me hearties, oi be making a short video about me band, Feal Real, an since we r all proud noodlin devotees, plan to make a good section of it on the FSM... :worship:

Any an' all UK / ideally London based pirates that wan'te be gettin involved do send us a personal message or add your voice to this thread.

    Things that would warm our cockles:
    an older Pastafarian who could play a noodly pastor for us (think John Cleese, Stephen Fry)
    some FSM animations of any sort, specially floating noodly dynamics
    some pirates to come to a London gig in full regalia
    any props local pirates moight lend us
    an amiable church we could rebrand and shoot in (!)

You can see some of our auld werks here on yonder website:


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