Philadelphia/NJ Anyone?

Wanna get together to pillage something, or just to have a bowl of pasta? Schedule it with your fellow Pastafarians here.

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Philadelphia/NJ Anyone?

Postby Bosstone » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:27 pm

Fixed, thanks.

If anyone is in the aforementioned areas, what say ye that we try to educate the masses and welcome them to our splendid faith? If they're not interested, good for them! I wish them all Noodly Peace in their lives.

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Postby Al Dante » Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:12 am

I'm sure you intend no harm, but just to set a proper tone here...

Regardless of the specific religion(s) involved, "convert" is something that every adult should be free to do for themselves (though sadly, this is not the case everywhere in the world today). But it is not something that anyone, especially including any respectful Pastafarian, should be attempting to do to anyone else. Take a look at the real-world history of religious conversion through the ages for reasons why.

Gathering for the purposes of celebrating the joy and siblinghood of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a fine thing. Doing so in public, showing off your pious pirate regalia, distributing pamphlets, and answering such questions as the public might have, is also a fine thing provided that you are at all times mindful of your own personal safety while doing so. (Have a care, also, to observe all local laws regarding the public consumption of beverages that you and your fellow worshippers might associate with a certain heanvenly volcano.) But who is touched by His Noodly Appendages is for the Flying Spaghetti Monster alone to decide.

Blessings go with you,
God gave us about 18 million bits of Scripture, and vastly greater numbers of bits of nature. Scripture had to be stated in imperfect human language; nature did not. Scripture had to be composed to be comprehensible to people with primitive technology; nature did not. Scripture can be altered by self-serving humans; nature is there to be observed anew by anyone. Scripture threatens death if you transgress certain laws; nature just kills you if you transgress certain laws. When Scripture and nature seem to conflict, which do you think should be taken literally?

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Postby EverLastingGodStopper » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:53 pm

Ahoy, matey, I dock in South Jersey, and I plunder Philly on occasion... I just lurk here on the FSM forums, though.

Um... I'm not sure how much spam I can post here, so, how about links to events taking place this week, that I posted elsewhere:

From the Delaware Valley Chapter (PA/NJ/DE), Americans United for Separation of Church and State:
Philly area: DVAU October 8 meeting on "First Freedom First" Campaign

From the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia,
FSGP Anti-Superstition Party, Friday October 13 2006 in Philadelphia

If you're going to do anything in Philly area then you're going to wind up running into me. And that would be cool, because both of my groups could use some volunteers, and we would love to have some Pastafarians on board to help us deal with the ID problem.

Learn about the movement behind the ID movement, and their Wedge strategy:

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Postby Bosstone » Sun Oct 08, 2006 1:56 pm

Arrr, this sounds great but I be busy all week, including the weekend. I be having me state certification boards this here weekend approaching on the horizon, and I be studying me ass off for them. After that though, I'll be available to meet ye request and join ye for some good old fashioned pillaging. Feel free to message me on AIM, me screen name be japunkska.

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