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Postby anthrobabe » Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:10 am

Bart Industries are a bunch of theivin liears Capt Tanguera-- don't turst 'em --- why I figured once that bein a wench livin alone that I sould by one o them life size BB manekins for havin round tha cottage sos if eney of them peepin Toms was to come 'round theyed finks oi hads me a big strong man livin wif me and not bofer me.
The blaggards sent me a pair o pants, a shirt (that oi swares come offin a dead man), a pukin and a bale o straw wif dirhection on stuffin me own "rhalistik and life size Black Bart".
Tha punkin did make a good pie.
An it turns out that Peepin Tom is a really nice fella too!
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I'm *not* the lowest rank on this ship. What about the laboratory mice? I tell them something and they jump straight to it. "Yes, Mr. Lister Sir, eek,eek."

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