Was the FSM the Creator in The Wheel Of Time Series?

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Was the FSM the Creator in The Wheel Of Time Series?

Postby PastorDeGranoDuro » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:33 pm

Fellow Pastafarians

For a while now, I have believed that His Noodlyness has Touched us through media such as books and television shows. This should come as no surprise to us, as His reach is unbounded, and the Sauce is with Him.

I have been reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series for years now, and I believe I have drawn some obvious comparisons to Pastafarianism throughout the books. I would be interested to read the thoughts of other Pastafarians.

Here is a post I made on the 4th of June in a thread titled 'The Dark One Is The Creator', on the Dragonmount forum..

'If, as the going idea seems to be, the world of Randland is our world, then it is blatantly obvious that the Creator is the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pesto Be Upon Him).

It is therefore apparent that the Great Serpent is one of His Noodly Appendages tied and bent into a figure eight, and Infused With The Sauce. By extension, the Pattern, and all its living threads are thin spaghetti tied together to form the Great Lasagne Sheet known as the Age Lace.

It goes without saying that the Dark One is blatantly the Evil Antipasta, who can surely spoil the Great Lasagne Sheet, by unthreading and rotting the thin spaghetti of the Pattern. Rand, who is surely Touched By His Noodly Appendage, is a powerful Pastafarian with years of experience blending marinara, and will use the Sauce to seal the Bore.

The Antipasta does recruit from the Light. It is quite possible that Sammael was a Midgit.'

...and further evidence, on the 5th of June in the same thread...

True Source Creator, on 04 June 2011 - 06:35 PM, said:
If the Creator is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, then this whole series makes perfect sense. All plot threads not yet connected, or explained (better way to put it), won't need to be, because that's enough to explain them.

Me...The Sauce Is With You, and You Have Been Touched By His Noodly Appendage. RAmen!

Of course, it makes sense everywhere, even with the weaves of the True Sauce, like thin strands of spaghetti. Mat Cauthon has proven that he too, is Touched, by the Passing of the Eye Patch, where Mat would relate that His Noodlyness Touched Him, covering Him in the Sauce, while he was being eye gouged by the Finns, becoming a True Pirate and freeing his fellow Pastafarians.

Rand's link to the Eye of the World, containing the pure Sauce, is yet another manifestation of His Noodlyness' Touch. The evil Antipasta tried to imbue his servant with a false manifestation of the FSM (Pesto Be Upon Him) but he failed, because Rand used his years of experience slicing ingredients for marinaras to sever the false Appendage of the Antipasta. The Sauce is truly with Rand, and this is more clear evidence of His Noodlyness being the Creator.'

I understand the author commenced the series before His Noodlyness revealed himself unto Bobby...but there are far too many similarities for mine....I'm convinced that His Noodlyness is indeed the Creator in this first-class fantasy series.


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