Could I Be??!

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Could I Be??!

Postby THR0 » Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:02 am

The first Pastafarian in Wales?? :o

We did used to have Pirates here! Including the very drinkable and eponymous Captain Morgan!!

Also, we mine for NOODLES - which is pretty damn close to Spaghetti!

I feel all dizzy! To think I'm the first Pastafarian in a Country made for Pastafarianism!

Move over Presbytarians! There's a new "P" on the block - and it wasn't left there last night by a drunk! :worship: :worship:

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Postby Goat Starer » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:16 am

Not quite the first. there have been a few in the past eg....

President of Wales
pit monkey, cardiff
afteryoudieyoucrpyourself, Swansea

but you one of a small select band. :D

have you been watching too many advertisments? i would hate to think that the welsh actually believe there are pot noodle mines. Everyone knows noodles grow on trees.... ... 819261.stm
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