Oregon & Washington Pirate Pastafarians- avast yar noodl

Wanna get together to pillage something, or just to have a bowl of pasta? Schedule it with your fellow Pastafarians here.

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Oregon & Washington Pirate Pastafarians- avast yar noodl

Postby pdxpirate » Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:22 pm

Avast ORWA Pirate Pastfarians and fellow denizens of Portlandia and Points Beyond (a.k.a. PDX Pirate Event Calendar Members):

As some of you may already be aware the High Holy Day of Pirattitude

September 19th- International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Founded by fellow Oregonians, The TLAP Guys- Chumbucket and Cap'n
Slappy. Ye can visit their website, http://www.talklikeapirate.com to see what raids have been added to their docket from all over the world.

If'n ye want to invite company to come to yar littel LOCAL soiree (even a Piratical Pastafarian Meet up), you can post yar own doin's on the PDX Pirate Calendar, and we will send out a reminder to the faithful to attend.

Just Go to: http://www.pdxpirate.org and choose "calendar" from the menu at the left, choose your date and fill in the form.

The Code fer Postin' on the PDX Pirate Calendar:
We post information on the calendar which sends out reminders for Garbed Pirate Events located within "one Day's Sail of Portlandia".

Generally that means, the Willamette Valley of Orygun (where most of the brethren make port) but includes Puget Sound to Southern Oregon, and points east and west as well.

In addition to telling yar mates, date, time and place of yar party,
please provide at minimum of at least two of the following: website
URL, phone, email contact.

We will set the reminders to be sent out.

If'n ye claim to be a technologically inept, or have two left hooks, Stormfeather will post yar missive on the calendar for ye (fer a price)-- just send the info to: ahoy(at)pdxpirate.org

Now go out and post yar parties like pirates with pirattitude!

P.S. Don't' ferget to watch "Wench Swap" featuring the TLAP family of
Chumbucket and Mad Sally on ABC's Wife Swap on Monday, Sept. 18 - one day before International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 9 p.m. or mebee it's 8pm check yar local ABC listings.....

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