Bobby’s Hedge beats Pascal’s Wager

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Bobby’s Hedge beats Pascal’s Wager

Postby PastaServer134 » Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:48 pm

Pascal’s Wager is an old tomato that philosophers have been sautéing around the pan for centuries. It states that, although the chance that hell exists is very small, the result of ending up there is infinitely bad (lake of fire FOREVER), so when you compute the product of the probability times badness, you should be a believer. However, Pascal doesn’t go on to look at the probability that even if you do all you can, you still might screw up and find yourself in hell anyway. Suppose you are a Jew or Moslem and the cook at the Mexican restaurant slips some carnitas in your burrito? Straight to hell, and boy, would you be surprised.

This is one more reason why it is better to be a Pastafarian. The
:worship: True Prophet Bobby has hedged this bet. In our religion, if you screw up and go to hell, well, it’s not so bad. Sure you will be washing dirty pasta bowls for very long time, but there will be stale beer, and that beats the heck ( :wink:) out of body surfing brimstone for all eternity.
Pastafarianism: Faith you can twirl on a fork.
May the caloric content of your Pasta not exceed the nutritional value to your filet of soul.

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