im pretty sure you watch anime

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Re: im pretty sure you watch anime

Postby Elvalia » Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:22 pm

darkstone wrote:
Elvalia wrote:I watched Inuyasha until they stopped making it. I loved it, but now that I've watched more anime (that was my first), I realise that it had an awful lot of filler episodes. :? It got really repetitive, too, I thought. Although maybe if I tried the manga, I'd still love it.

Repetitive! they were after the same bad guy throughout the animes entire lifespan, that's not repetitive that's stupidity.

It's not repetitive. It's consistent. Or at least, it would have been if they'd actually been after that one guy the whole time. It would've been great if they'd actually ended it by killing him.
I didn't like that they brought in random bad guys that had nothing to do with anything. A whole season of Shichi'nintai? Why? Those guys had nothing to do with Naraku.

No, I was suggesting repetitive sequences of events. Kagome gets kidnapped, Inuyasha goes to save her, Inuyasha gets hurt, and we get to put up with Kagome's annoying little voice yelling out "Inuyasha!" more times than I could count, then Kagome would try to save Inuyasha and we'd hear "Kagome!" repeatedly, and then they'd be saved, and then this would be repeated a few episodes later.
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