Colour Me Neigbour!

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Colour Me Neigbour!

Postby Karban » Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:26 pm

Garr Matey,

Brace the mainsal'
grab the pike,
Coulour your Scarfe,
Brandish your pike!

Neigbour your man,
Powder your gun,
brandish your axe,
Ready your gun!

Pasta your sauce,
garlic your wine,
swear to the FSM,
you'll be fine!

Ink your pen,
draw that map,
tighten your belt,
loosen that strap!

Tighten that steel,
lose the Aluminium,
brighten that copper,
better ye feel!

Learn the queens english,
lose the rebels,
realise the truth,
wealth'll be your'.

Garr matey,
Pirates we be,
head for the CARRibean,
fly and be free!!!!!!!!!


Any Pirate worth his Parrot would give both his wooden legs for a chance at this....Garrr Matey!!!!

Isssthmus! Isthmus? Issthmus! Issssthmus!

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