Possible Lexicon ?

Submit your scriptural writings for inclusion in the Loose Canon, and your tales of ancient FSM Lore, as well as any other FSM-related writing you may have.

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Possible Lexicon ?

Postby RevDrDK » Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:59 pm

Apastal: Bobby Henderson.

Apastasy/Apastate/Apastatize : Having to do with loosing faith in FSM ( :cry: ).

Couscous al Dente: Moorish 14th Century Pastafarian .

Gnoah: Arktypical (aarghtypical ?) Pastafarian/Pirate and noted zoophile. Sailor of the Pirasea.

Pirasea: Vast primordial ocean (corollary for Gwandanaland) dotted by a multitude of aarghipelagoes .

Pirate: An irrational number (c 3.1416) used to calculate the speed of the expanding girth of a Pirate on a high calorie beer & pasta diet. (OK, that's kind of lame...)

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Re: Possible Lexicon ?

Postby S'presso » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:46 pm

Mutiny- A breakaway sect
Arrrmish - Pastafarians that live like 18th century pirates.
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