Steven Colbert should sponsor us....

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Should we get Steven Colbert on the forum?

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Steven Colbert should sponsor us....

Postby His Worshipper » Tue Jun 20, 2006 11:49 am

Steven Colbert, The Comedian for "The Colbert Report" would be perfect for us, if we could boot him onto the forum and make him talk about us in the show, we would be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahahahahahahahahah!

sorry, but seriously!

that or we get Carlos Mencia on, either way is good... :D

I put a poll so we can see the results

If you have myspace and you wanna contanct him his myspace URL is

:worship: the FSM!

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Postby Sir Francis Drake » Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:44 pm long as he vehemently opposes us!

Taste the truth, savor the satire, pass the pasta!

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Postby NeferKa » Thu Jun 22, 2006 2:30 am

Hmm. I think it would be fun for him to oppose us as well, even though we can’t compete with truthiness. That would be great for us to get mentioned on the Colbert Report. He's probably way to busy with other nonsense, but it is a good idea.

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